2010年06月28日 15:05


We receive requests from a wide range of industries or fields. These include business entities such as R&D division of companies, Research Institutions,  Universities, Venture Capital Firms for their developments, research, or trial models for next generation relating to Electrical and Silicon Steel Sheet.

We have received the following requests and inquiry from our clients:

1.    Could you make a core using an Electrical Steel Sheet with low-cost and best machining?

2.    Could you assemble a core or peripherals for our research?

3.    Could you supply a trial model of magnetic steel for our international symposium?

4.    We have ideas, but don’t have a way to form it.

5.    We care about effectiveness or low-cost more than mass production.

6.    We want to know more about Laser Beam Machining, Wire Machining, or Die/Mold Machining.

7.    We have an idea which uses a principle of Linear Motor, but we don’t have a way to form it

With an Electrical Steel Sheet, we can form your image after verifying it from all available points. Even if we cannot meet your demand, we can find the way to honor your requests through networking with our cooperating business partners.

Let us gain and sustain a competitive advantage together, with your ideas and Japanese advanced technology.

Our office is located at Kyotanabe Kyoto Japan where it forms a foundation of high technology.

Please feel free to contact us.